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The Rocket's Red Glare
The Haunted House
The Amazing Hoopie, Part 1
The Amazing Hoopie, Part 2
The Amazing Hoopie, Part 3

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Jim Downey Stories


Some years back, my wife Martha, after hearing some of the stories of my colorful adolescence, started calling those stories "Jim Downey Stories" (to differentiate from "Shadan Stories" about things which happened in the SCA).  The name stuck.  So, when I recently decided to write up some of those stories, I figured I'd just use it.  Forgive me the egotism.

These stories are based - sorta - on my adolescent adventures.  I think the statute of limitations has run out on anything I did, but still I've taken a few liberties with names and places so I don't get sued.  Minor creative license with actual events is also in effect, to make a better story.

Oh, and please . . . don't try any of this at home.  In fact, if you're underage, you probably shouldn't even read these, they'll just give you ideas.

The stories included here are:

Jim Downey and the Rocket's Red Glare

Jim Downey and the Haunted House

Jim Downey and the Amazing Hoopie
      Part One:  The Arrival
      Part Two:  Hunting Saturday
      Part Three:  A Very Strange Sunday

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