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Communion of Dreams:  A vision of the world in 50 years.

Chapter One



St. Cybi's Well:  A vision of
Wales in 7 years.  Well, sorta.

Communion of Dreams

Last year I completed Communion of Dreams, a speculative novel set about 50 years hence in an "alternative future history."  The world I have envisioned in this book is recognizable, in the same way that the 1950s are recognizable, but with a comparable amount of change as between then and now.  It is closest in flavor to the works of Arthur C. Clarke and the late Carl Sagan.  At its surface level it is classic science fiction, in that a new discovery leads to a reevaluation of what it means to be human.  Beyond that are levels of human psychological development and religious allegory, giving the text a depth which will appeal to a wide range of readers, or so I hope.  To date I have faced the same experience as countless other first-time authors in trying to attract the attention of a publisher, though this past summer a senior editor at Bantam Dell read the entire ms and thought it was well written, but decided that it didn't fit with what she was planning for the coming year.  So I have hope.

What I have put on this website is the first chapter of the novel (there are 19 chapters, a total of 132,500 words), and both a synopsis and an analytical outline of the book.  (You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read these.)  If you want to see more than what is here, contact me directly.

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